“Wending high-energy-density”

Enhancing the Power: The Revolution in High-Energy-Density Technology

In the swiftly evolving landscape of battery technologies, there’s always a thirst for more: more power, more efficiency, and more longevity. The search for these traits has led to one significant, breakthrough achievement—high-energy-density technology. At the heart of this evolution is Avantis Energy’s new offering: the ‘Wending’ Cell – Module systems.

The Peak of Advanced Energy Density Solutions

As 2023 dawns, Avantis Energy is poised to redefine power storage solutions with its latest generation of LFP Cells, termed the “Wending” high-energy-density lithium iron phosphate Cell. Unlike its predecessors, this new power battery technology brandishes a unique structural design. The promise it holds? A staggering volumetric energy density of 450Wh/L, soaring well above the current industry norm of 400Wh/L.

An Innovative Leap in Battery Life and Energy Density

What stands out in this transformation is the versatility of the high-energy-density technology. Not just confined to lithium iron phosphate batteries, this trailblazing tech can be seamlessly integrated into square aluminium shell ternary lithium batteries. The result? An unprecedented surge in their energy density.

Our esteemed partners have further propelled this revolution, crafting an innovative, patented integrated welding technology. This masterstroke has redefined the battery’s internal architecture, slashing the top space from 15mm down to 8mm. Such intricate refinement has elevated the space utilization rate by over 7%.

Unveiling the Benefits of High-Energy-Density

By intertwining the advanced energy density solutions with our sophisticated module technology and the potent “Wending” cells, we’ve achieved landmarks: a 15% surge in energy density at the cellular level and a 26% hike in the effective volume utilization at the system level.

Such enhancements cascade into tangible benefits. Picture this: a spike in whole-vehicle power by 45%. With high-energy-density technology at play, the once-elusive dream of powering passenger cars with a 700km range using lithium iron phosphate batteries is now a reality.

Paving the Way Forward

The fusion of the “Wending” cell and battery system isn’t merely a tech upgrade; it’s a radical reshaping of the internal structure. By maximizing the top space of the battery cell, the energy density has undergone a substantial elevation. Ready for global markets, this avant-garde solution stands as a beacon for both emerging NEVs and veteran OEM manufacturers eager to transition into NEVs, especially targeting their elite mid-segment EVs.

In Summation

With the ever-increasing need for powerful, efficient, and long-lasting battery solutions, high-energy-density technology holds the key. At Avantis Energy, we’re not just observing the future; we’re actively shaping it.

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