Energy storage

Energy storage

The energy market change a lot over the last decades. The integration of renewables is getting more and more important. Modern energy system benefit from renewable sources and integrated storage solutions to achieve an even more ecofriendly energy production.

Commercial and Industrial energy consumers are subject to increasing electricity costs and greater risk of power scarcity.

The Energy Transition, including the shift to cleaner forms of electricity generation, means that energy markets and networks are less predictable, and the cost of operating such systems increases. These costs are recouped through transmission charges in energy bills, impacting the profitability and competitiveness of Commercial and Industrial consumers.



Dyson Energy storage solutions empower you to integrate renewable energies with Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) into your existing electricity network. In this way, you recap the benefits of frequency regulation and reduce energy and demand charges.

Become more independent from fossil fuels and integrate renewable energies! Improve energy reliability and power quality! Our smart energy storage solutions enable the monitoring and control of multiple generation units and deferrable loads to reduce the cost of electricity and improve power reliability.


MicroGrid - Battery Energy Power

Future will bring us a combined operation – fueling gasoline engines but more and more it is required, by regulations,  to fuel more Electric Vehicles. Electric Fuel Stations, will scale up fast. Gasoline stations don’t have the right infrastructure to secure this demand. Keep your industries producing, communities developing, and people connected. F1 Lithium is at the forefront of the energy transition, integrating renewable power with smart energy storage. It can solve the large-cale power supply demand in weak current areas, construction sites,  large villages, en power demand for large office buildings.

AEG-Connect is a power distribution automation software application that gives operators visibility into their power grid. Continuous real-time insights help manage power optimally and anticipate potential nodes, to resolve them before they cause problems.

"Avantis Energy lithium battery solution expert"

Supported by highly developed supply chain of lithium battery and professional R&D team, Avantis Energy is able to customize the structure designs and integration of its products, which helps batteries achieve their best performance for different markets. Our products have been widely exported to Europe, and other countries all over the world. We’ve been dedicated in this field for more than 10 years and closely partnered with some of the best tier one lithium battery manufacturers. Avantis Energy is part of Avantis Energy Group and a leading lithium battery cell, module solution provider for System integrators using battery energy for automotive and/or energy storage market.

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