LFP Modules

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries are increasingly popular in the battery industry for their notable benefits. They offer exceptional safety with a stable chemistry that minimizes overheating risks. Known for their long cycle life, LFP batteries can withstand thousands of charge cycles, ensuring durability and cost-effectiveness. Environmentally friendly, they are cobalt-free, reducing ethical and environmental concerns. Additionally, their high thermal stability allows operation in varied temperatures, and they support fast charging without compromising lifespan. With lower raw material costs and a wide operating temperature range, LFP batteries are a practical choice for applications ranging from electric vehicles to large-scale energy storage.


1P8S - 50 Ah (LFP) 1P8S - 280 Ah (LFP) 1P8S - 230 Ah (LFP) 1P4S - 135 Ah (LFP) 1P9S - 50 Ah (LFP)
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High Energy Efficiency

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Robust and Durable

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NMC Modules

Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) modules are pivotal in the battery industry, offering high energy density for more power in a compact space, ideal for electric vehicles and portable electronics. Their stable chemistry enhances safety, reducing risks associated with thermal events. NMC batteries boast a longer lifespan, enduring numerous charge cycles with minimal degradation, ensuring cost-effectiveness. They are versatile, customizable for specific power or density needs, and increasingly sustainable, with ethical sourcing and improved recyclability. Economically efficient, they provide long-term value, especially in large-scale applications like grid storage, making them a top choice in advanced battery technologies.

1P12S - 147Ah (NMC) 1P4S - 174 Ah (VDA) 1P8S - 174 Ah (NCM) 3P4S - 174 Ah (VDA) 2P6S - 116 Ah (VDA) 2P8S - 227 Ah (MEB)
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High Energy Density

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Higher Power Capacity

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Good Thermal Performance

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