50 Ah (LFP)

2019 officially in production (SOP) and more than 10 million cells produced, 1,250,000 modules certified for leading automotive customersRequest info Request quotation
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cycle life ≥4000 times

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Product Specifications

Item Value Note
Cell Type Prismatic
Type Cell
Chemistry LFP
Application ESS
Nominal Voltage (V) 3.20
Voltage Range (V) 2,5 - 3,65
Capacity (Ah) 50
Nominal Energy Cell (Wh) 160
Energy Density Cell (Wh/Kg) 140
Rated Discharge Current (A) 50
Peak Discharge Current (A) 150
Maximum Discharging Current (A) 150
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current (A) 50
Maximum Charging Current (A) 100
Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A) 100
Continious Current (C) 1
Dimensions (mm) 39x149x101
Width (mm) 39.72
Length (mm) 149.1
Height (mm) 101.31
Weight (Kg) 1.18
DOD Cycle Life (%) 80
UN38.3 YES
IEC 62619 YES
Supplier RPT
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Application: EV/ESS

Avantis Energy offers LFP Prismatic Lithium Cells standard with welding terminals, it can also offered including Screw or Nut terminals.

These solutions have passed the multiple inspection testing items such as drawing force, shear force and torque testing and many more.

These cells have been applied in the various electric vehicle and energy storage projects in the different countries.

"Avantis Energy - Partnering with System Integrators"

System integrators working with Avantis Energy Group benefit from this robust partnership. The alliance offers a stable supply of high-quality products, technical support, and innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the energy market. Quality assurance is a cornerstone of our operations. We conduct independent inspections before shipment, ensuring that all products meet the highest standards. Moreover, our competitive pricing strategy, underpinned by volume effects and flexible payment conditions, positions our partners for success in a cost-effective manner.

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