Y52 Platform

46.59 kWh - 1P52S - 166.4V

Centralized refrigeration and multistage pipeline system;All parallel cooling design for bat. racks;The rack is integrated with the container;The DC side electrical system is divided into step-by-step breaking protectionIn-pack firefighting design

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"Avantis Energy lithium battery solution expert"

Supported by highly developed supply chain of lithium battery and professional R&D team, Avantis Energy is able to customize the structure designs and integration of its products, which helps batteries achieve their best performance for different markets. Our products have been widely exported to Europe, and other countries all over the world. We’ve been dedicated in this field for more than 10 years and closely partnered with some of the best tier one lithium battery manufacturers. Avantis Energy is part of Avantis Energy Group and a leading lithium battery cell, module solution provider for System integrators using battery energy for automotive and/or energy storage market.

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