25 Ah (LFP)

This brand new cell from CALB gaurentees quality. With high cycle life and all test results in hand we can assure you of a reliable cell.Request info Request quotation
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Product Specifications

Item Value Note
Cell Type Prismatic
Type Cell
Chemistry LFP
Application ESS
Capacity (Ah) 25
Nominal Voltage (V) 3.22
Voltage Range (V) 2,5 - 3,65
Nominal Energy Cell (Wh) 252
Energy Density Cell (Wh/Kg) 120
Continious Current (C) 8
Maximum Charging Current (A) 200
Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A) 125
Maximum Discharging Current (A) 600
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current (A) 200
Peak Discharge Current (A) 600
Dimensions (mm) 150*16*140
Width (mm) 15.5
Length (mm) 150.8
Height (mm) 140
Weight (Kg) 0,675
Supplier CLB
Cycle Life 8,000
DOD Cycle Life (%) 80
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