1P8S – 174 Ah (NCM)

This module is designed to ensure the safety of a battery with its highly efficient and reliable design. This high energy density module is suitable for any industrial applications and green-powered applications with automotive safety standards.Request info Request quotation
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Product Specifications

Item Value Note
Cell Type Prismatic
Type Module
Series & Parallel Scheme 1P8S
Chemistry NMC
Application BEV
Nominal Voltage (V) 29.28
Voltage Range (V) 22,4 - 34,8
Capacity (Ah) 174
Nominal Energy Module (kWh) 5.09
Energy Density Module (Wh/Kg) 208
Rated Discharge Current (A) 174
Peak Discharge Current (A) 500
Maximum Discharging Current (A) 500
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current (A) 348
Maximum Charging Current (A) 348
Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A) 209
Continious Current (C) 1
Dimensions (mm) 706x154x113
Width (mm) 154.2
Length (mm) 706.4
Height (mm) 113.5
Weight (Kg) 24.4
Cycle Life 2,000
DOD Cycle Life (%) 80
UN38.3 YES
Supplier RPT
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Automotive Module

Avantis Energy automotive certified this Module is a SOLID energy battery module independently developed by REPT Battero with “special patents”. It has the characteristics of good universality, high energy density and compact volume, and is suitable for all kinds of new energy passenger cars and commercial vehicles battery packs.  It can also be used in energy storage, ship, VGA, mining machinery and other application scenarios.


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