1P52S 46.6 kWh (LFP)

1P52S – 46.6 kWh (LFP)

As 306 Ah cells were initially adopted in this Power Supply System, 320 Ah cells are recommended for capacity expansion. Specialized cells with a standard cycle of 10000 times dedicated for energy storageadopted in the System secures a continuous operation for 20 years. The System facilitates two specifications as 3.7MWh/20HQ and 7.6MWh/40HQ in installation completion design for an easy transportation of the complete equipment. The System facilitates stacking and stowage fortwo containers to save space  Request info Request quotation
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Product Specifications

Item Value Note
Cell Type Prismatic
Type Module System ESS
Series & Parallel Scheme 1P52S
Chemistry LFP
Application ESS
Nominal Voltage (V) 166
Voltage Range (V) 130 - 189,8
Capacity (Ah) 280
Nominal Energy Module (kWh) 46.60
Energy Density Module (Wh/Kg) 165
Rated Discharge Current (A) 50
Peak Discharge Current (A) 100
Maximum Discharging Current (A) 100
Maximum Continuous Discharging Current (A) 50
Maximum Charging Current (A) 100
Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A) 50
Continious Current (C) 1/2
Dimensions (mm) 1120x810x238
Width (mm) 810.0
Length (mm) 1120.0
Height (mm) 238.0
Weight (Kg) 330
Cycle Life 10,000
DOD Cycle Life (%) 80
UN38.3 YES
IEC 62619 YES
Supplier RPT
SKU Y521120810238
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Y52 platform

Uniform temperature control Centralized refrigeration, multistage pipeline, depth parallel runner design

Three-level architecture : Main master, master and slave BMS is compatible with local EMS functions and a variety of mainstream communication protocols.

Multiple fire prevention : “3+2” fire prevention and control measures

Highly integrated : 3.7MWh/20HQ; 7.6MWh/40HQ

System safety : DC5000V withstand voltage without flash, multi-layer disconnect protection mechanism, Module IP68 level protection, pipeline 1000h high temperature reliability assessment

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