“Automotive” EV Modules

Unlocking the Power of Automotive EV Modules: Avantis Energy’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), the heart of these groundbreaking machines lies in their battery modules. Avantis Energy, a trusted B2B reseller, introduces you to the world of “automotive certified (A+)” lithium battery modules, setting new standards in the industry.

A New Era of EV Battery Modules

Avantis Energy takes pride in offering off-the-shelf “automotive certified (A+)” lithium battery modules, tailored to the specific needs of electric-only, plug-in, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). What sets these modules apart is their adaptability and flexibility.

When it comes to selecting the right cell technology, Avantis Energy ensures compliance with all performance targets. The choice of cell chemistry and format is driven by factors like installation space and electrical requirements. Whether it’s round, pouch, or prismatic cells, Avantis Energy’s expertise in design ensures optimal energy system performance.

Performance and Lifespan

Avantis Energy’s commitment to innovation shines through in their battery modules. Whether you require batteries that enable rapid charging, extending the lifespan of electric vehicles, or demand a minimum of 10 years of service life for energy storage, they’ve got you covered. Their modules not only meet but exceed expectations, contributing to the wider adoption of electric vehicles.

Delving into Advanced EV Technology

Avantis Energy’s “automotive certified (A+)” lithium battery modules bring advanced technology to the forefront. These modules come with a range of specifications that make them a top choice for system integrators in Europe. Their dedication to research and development ensures that their modules align seamlessly with the evolving needs of the EV industry.

Key Specifications and Beyond

Avantis Energy’s commitment to excellence goes beyond standard industry specifications. Their dedication to delivering high-quality battery packs for electric cars sets them apart. As a system integrator, you can trust that their modules meet the stringent requirements of your projects.


In conclusion, Avantis Energy offers a transformative range of “automotive certified (A+)” lithium battery modules that redefine the future of electric vehicles. Their flexibility in cell technology, dedication to performance, and commitment to advanced technology make them the go-to choice for system integrators across Europe.

Ready to take your EV projects to the next level? Contact Avantis Energy today and explore their cutting-edge solutions for automotive EV modules. Your journey to superior EV performance begins here.

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